Ltd “Sigreta” started business like person’s and property security company in 1997. In 2000 company got safety service status. During this time, we got security service experience, created effective and flexible security system and got our clients trust. Our security services uses various profile companies, government agencies, religious and culture organizations, operations companies, commercial outlets, international companies and individuals. (look Clients).

By giving security decisions we are seeking to meet all clients’ requirements and expectations, also we ensure that our services is the best fit for clients. In our activity we use advanced technologies, we cooperate with other security services and also with security equipment making companies. According to this we could give security services in all around the Lithuania.

All the time we improve our personnel professional skills and knowledge. Also we ensure that all our employees properly do their job and duties and has enough competences. Every year personnel take tests for their qualification improvement. In our working environment we take care of employee’s safety and health preventive measure to avoid accidents and health damage to employees.

In our job we rationally use energy resources ensuring less damage to environment. We take care of employee’s health during the company’s activities.